Year 5 Poetry

Poetry for upcoming Exhibition

As part of our learning, the Year 5’s are inquiring into the different forms of poetry that they can use to share their understanding of their global issue. Today 5C  developed the poetry format of  “Lifting out lines”. We focused on the formatting of this poetry style with attention being drawn to phrasing, alignment and careful selection of vocabulary to capture the underlining concern of their issue. I had the students post their poem without their heading – see if you can work out their issue!


Posted by Jill Ponting

Cube Nets

This week we were looking at all the nets you can use to make a cube. In total there are 11 possible nets you can use to create a cube. In class time, we used a website, which makes us guess what nets make a cube and what don’t. Once you’ve got 11 correct that will make a cube that means the rest won’t be able to make a cube. The whole class made a video on them making a cube net they found.

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Book Week Comics

During book week, the Year 5’s were given the task of making a comic, with the character that they came dressed up as for dress-up day as the main character. We had 1 week to complete it, and it only had to be simple, for example, I came dressed as Anne of Green Gables, and my storyline was this: Anne is imagining a house. Suddenly she is standing in front of the house! Anne leant like it there, so she imagined Green Gables. She is back at Green Gables safe and sound. The End. As the theme for book week this year was ‘reading is my secret power’, the comic we wrote also had to feature the secret power of our character. In my comic, as Anne loves imagining things, imagination becomes her secret power. Check out our podcast, Year 5 Weekly, that you can find somewhere on this site. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this, and if you would like to comment, please remember to be respectful.

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Isometric fun

This week, we have been drawing, making and building shapes and nets. Our teacher sent us a website where there was a challenge to do. On the challenge, it showed us a picture of the top of the shape, the front and the right side but it didn’t show us the picture so we had to work it out. Afterwards, we had to draw as much cube nets as possible and there are 11 altogether. To test if they were right, we used magnetic squares and built the cube nets. When we finished, our teacher sent us another website that had cube nets on it. We used this to double-check our cubes. In the end, we made videos of us building cubes from a net. We also answered a mathematical reasoning prompt.

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Order of Adjectives

Today we learnt the correct order of adjectives. So in the task that we were given we had to learn the correct order of adjectives and put a few into sentences. The sheet we were given had seven different places to put our adjectives in. We had to fill in the proper adjectives into the right category. For the second task, we had to remake the sentences so that the adjectives would fit in. For the third task, we had to make a video of what we learnt so that we could teach other people. We uploaded the videos onto Vimeo so that we could upload it to Edublogs.

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Written by Max Charlie & Thomas

Year 5 Weekly Episode 3

Welcome back to our 3rd week of Year 5 Weekly where we have Mackenzie, Lauren, Nomiki, Matilda, Winnie, Abi, Yasmin, Samar and Sophie! This week we are talking about the Exhibition and the order of adjectives. We will also be talking about book week, specifically dress up day and the comics that we have been making.

Audio is a bit up and down – we think it is time to investigate a better microphone!